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Each proposal for future power market design has implications that cascade through the electricity system. Future Power Markets Forum works systematically through the options and their impacts with the help of forum contributors who compare and discuss their research and experience on the following topics.

Cheryl A LaFleur

Reliable, Efficient, and Low-Carbon Resource Portfolios

The changing generation mix across the United States is one of the most pressing reasons to modernize electricity markets.

To better understand what market structures and designs may be needed in a high renewable future, this topic evaluates what types of resources would fit together as part of an efficient, reliable, and low carbon portfolio.

Cheryl A LaFleur

Central Procurement Structures for Energy, Capacity, and Environmental Products

A transition to a clean portfolio of resources that maintains or exceeds today’s standards of affordability and reliability will require significant investment. To keep costs down, long-term commitments to generation to reduce financing costs will be important.

Centralized procurement methods provide a means of coordinating an efficient set of resources and providing longer-term certainty to supply and demand resources.

Cheryl A LaFleur

Decentralized Market Structures

Decentralized energy markets rely on active wholesale buyers to provide the certainty needed for new resources to be able to finance their investments at low costs. Unlike the centralized procurement of resources and services (see Topic 2), market participants contract directly with each other to negotiate the most efficient resource mix to balance their needs.

The featured publications and their accompanying slide decks, present the advantages and risks of this approach to energy markets as well as guidelines for implementation.