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Long-term market impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

In 2021 and 2022, Congress passed two of the most ambitious energy laws in U.S. history. The programs and policies will have far-reaching impacts on the electricity system. This presentation explores expectations and initial modeling on the change of pace expected for the energy transition.

Federal Climate Policy and Interactions with Power Markets

A federal Clean Energy Standard (CES) would transform the generation resources that power the country. The design and mechanisms of the CES would determine how quickly the change takes place, and how energy markets respond. 

In the presentation linked below, Dr. Karen Palmer, Director of the Future Power Initiative at Resources for the Future explains considerations for the CES and presents on modeling of how different approaches would affect electricity system emissions.

In the second half of the presentation, experts from Vistra Corporation, Arnie Quinn, Vice President of FERC-Jurisdictional Markets and Becky Robinson, ‎Director of PJM Market Policy, for successful and cost-effective CES design.

Relevant Publications

Princeton University Net-Zero America

December 2020, by the Princeton University Andlinger Center for Energy + the Environment

Projected Effects of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2019

May 2019, by Paul Picciano, Kevin Rennert, and Daniel Shawhan, Resources for the Future

Clean Energy Standards Issue Brief 

January 2019, by Kathryne Cleary, Karen Palmer, and Kevin Rennert, Resources for the Future

Higher-Impact Federal Electricity Procurement 

March 2021, by Lindsay Baxter Griffith, Clean Air Task Force

Power Markets Structure & Design

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